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Our Calling

We are the Marquez family on our way to Mexico City, México. God has called my wife and me to establish churches in Mexico City. With over 20 million people in the greater Mexico City area, there is an unprecedented need for laborers. Generation after generation, people continue to worship idols, pray to Mary, and are held bound by the rituals of Roman Catholicism; blindly following the vain traditions of their fathers. As a result, there are many that have found nothing but emptiness in the traditions of men and are searching for the Truth to truly make them free. 


Xochimilco is one of the fourteen boroughs of Mexico City. Its rich culture and deep seated traditions are its greatest pitfalls. When long-standing traditions are a way of life, any change or denial of Catholic traditions would be inconceivable and is considered betrayal.

We will be working with the Case family in Xochimilco to establish the Iglesia Bautista Palabra de Dios (Word of God Baptist Church).  My wife and I are fluent in Spanish and know the Mexican culture, which will allow us to begin ministering as soon as we arrive with no need to attend language school. We will be going door-knocking several days a week and will be actively involved with the discipleship of new believers. In church I will also be involved with music and teaching while my wife will be serving  with the ladies and the nursery. After Iglesia Bautista Palabra de Dios is fully autonomous and with God’s leading, we would like to start a church in the greater Mexico City area. We are very excited to see lives changed through the transforming power of the Gospel. Will you partner with us in seeing God do a great work in Mexico City? 

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