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Prayer Letters 2022

November & December 2022

God has shown Himself mighty and great this past year over and over again and we have had the privilege of sharing some of those blessings with you.

September & October 2022

Many times we have goals and dreams within God’s will and the hardest part is waiting for God’s perfect...

July & August 2022

We have quickly outgrown the offices we were renting now and have already found another place about 10 minutes away from where we are now. 

May & June 2022

On May 8, we officially inaugurated the Iglesia Bautista Nueva Esperanza (New Hope Baptist Church).

March & April 2022

We are so thankful for your continued prayers and support as we continue in our ministry here in Mexico City.

January & February 2022

A new year is here and along with it many blessings and exciting events.  We thank the Lord for granting us another year to serve Him here in Mexico City.

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