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Greater Mexico City

Mexico City

21.2 million people

88% Catholic

26 Independent Fundamental

Baptist Churches

Mexico City is known as one of the largest cities in the world. It is the capital of Mexico and is the hub for cultural, religious, political, and financial organizations. The city thrives on tourism with over 11 million people visiting each year. 

Like any other major city, downtown Mexico City offers spectacular skyscrapers and many roundabouts with beautiful historical monuments. One of the qualities that sets Mexico City apart from all other major cities is its greenery. Parks in the middle of a busy street are not uncommon. Mexico City receives about 12 inches of rain each year, most of it falling during the summer. 

Many people come to Mexico City in hopes of a better life, but often are discouraged by the loneliness of the busy life. Rent can be expensive and owning a home is many times out of the question for the average working Mexican. 

Across the board, Mexicans are known to be hard working people that love to spend time with family and would sacrifice anything for their children. Many young people are starting to question the traditions of their fathers and are not sure what they believe in. Many feel emptiness in their life and they are not sure why. The need is great and a call has been given. "Go ye therefore..." We are eager to get to Mexico City to reach people with the Gospel one by one. 

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