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Our Calling

Upon graduating from High School, my Sunday school teacher and pastor challenged me to give God a year of my life in bible college, so I did. My plans were to attend for one year, then pursue a career as an architect. During a Missions Conference my second month in bible college, God called me to serve Him full time. Although I did not know what that meant for me at the time, I knew I had to stay all four years. My third year of bible college, also during a Missions Conference, God called me to go to Mexico as a missionary. 

After graduating, I served as a youth and music director at my home church, Fundamental Baptist Church in Escondido CA under Pastor Ernie Merritt. I committed to serving there for one year, but God had other plans. I ended up serving there for six years before God directed me to finish my online master's degree while attending college again. I graduated with my master's degree in 2016 a few months after we got married. 

Up until then, I knew God wanted us to serve in Mexico but I did not know where, so I called Bro. Ryan Case and asked if my wife and I could visit his ministry in Mexico. We spent one week there in Xochimilco, and only a couple of weeks after coming back home and after much prayer, we discerned that God was calling us to there as missionaries.


We were approved as BIMI missionaries in December of 2016 and I quit my job the following February. We have been on deputation part time since February 2017 and full time since June of 2017.

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